October 18, 19, 20, 2019

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Who To See

MileHiCon is proud to welcome: 

In its first 49 years, MileHiCon has had over 150 incredible guests, and we are inviting all of them back for our big 50th celebration! The authors, artists, and toastmasters who have confirmed returning to date are listed below

 Mario Acevedo Mario Acevedo (Toastmaster MHC 43, 2011) 
Bacigalupi Paolo Paolo Bacigalupi (Toastmater MHC 42, 2010)
 Steven Brust  Steven Brust (Author GoH MHC 25, 1993; Author GoH MHC 44, 2012)

Michael Carroll sends his apologies, but due to family concerns, he will no longer be attending Mile Hi Con.

 Michael Carroll (Artist GoH MHC 40 2008

 Liz Danforth (Artist GoH MHC 29, 1997)

GOH Sponsor: DASFA

 Shaenon Garrity

 Shaenon K. Garrity (Artist GoH MHC 35, 2003)

GOH Sponsor: DASFA

 Barbara Hambly

 Barbara Hambly (Author GoH, MHC 41, 2009)

GOH Sponsor: DASFA

Stephen Graham Jones

 Stephen Graham Jones (Toastmaster MHC 44, 2012)
ChazKemp2 Chaz Kemp (Toastmaster MHC 48, 2016)
EdKramer Ed Kramer (Media Guest of Honor MHC 40, 2008)

Jane Lindskold

Jane Lindskold (Author GoH MHC 49, 2017)
theresaMather Theresa Mather (Artist GoH MC 43, 2011)


Wil McCarthy (Toastmaster MC 28, 1996)
Jack McDevitt (Author GOH MHC 34, 2002)

Robert J Sawyer by Christina Frost

Robert J. Sawyer (Author GOH MHC 38, 2006)

GOH Sponsor: Sunflower Bank

Jeanne Stein Jeanne C. Stein (Toastmaster MHC 46, 2014)
John E. Stith John E. Stith (Toastmaster MHC 22, 1990)
Michael Swanwick

Michael Swanwick (Author GoH MHC 46, 2014)

GOH Sponsor: Third Flatiron Publishing

James Van Pelt James Van Pelt (Toastmaster MHC 47, 2015)
Robert Vardeman

Robert E. Vardeman (Toastmaster MHC 4, 1972; MHC 13, 1981; MHC 33, 2001; MHC 36, 2004)

GOH Sponsor: DASFA

Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn (Toastmaster MHC 40, 2008)

GOH Sponsor: Arlen Feldman and Adrianna Wood

KathE Walker KathE Walker (Fan GoH MHC 23, 1991)


Connie Willis (Author GoH MHC 25, 1993; Toastmaster MHC 16, 1984; MHC 23, 1991; MHC 37, 2005)

GOH Sponsor: Arlen Feldman & Adriana Wood

Courtney Willis 


Courtney Willis (Toastmaster MHC 16, 1984)
Lawrence Watt-Evans

Lawrence Watt-Evans (Author GoH MHC 30, 1998)

GOH Sponsor: Arlen Feldman & Adriana Wood

Lubov Yegudin Lubov Yegudin (Artist GoH MHC 35, 2003)
  • Plus many other author, artist and science participants!

    Additional Participants will be announced closer to the convention as schedules are finalized. 

Participating Sponsor - Cokocon