October 27, 28, 29 2017

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Literacy Auction

At MileHiCon’s Literacy Auction you can bid on rare books, autographed books, original artwork, collectibles, SF, fantasy and horror items generously donated by guests and fans alike.

All proceeds are given to a charity for the purchase of books and reading education. Every year your donations have been fantastic. 

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This year Literacy Auction proceeds will benefit the “Early Literacy Development Initiative" (ELDI) program through the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. ELDI is designed to foster early literacy skills with young children who are deaf and hard of hearing. The initiative encompasses projects designed to assist families in their desire to encourage a love of reading. The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) is a state-funded school within the Colorado Department of Education. The school was established for the purpose of providing comprehensive educational services for children, birth to age 21, who are blind/visually impaired and/or deaf/hard of hearing. Services are provided directly to students enrolled at the school, and outreach programs serve students, staff, and families in communities throughout Colorado.

Items Donated

Aaron Michael Ritchey:  A basket of AMR books.

Alastair Mayer:  ARCs and proofs of several books by Alistair Mayer.

Alison Baumgartner:  Dora's Jinx.

Amalie Howard:  Cruentus Curse series gift pack (3 books).

Andrew Burt:  ReAnimus Press ebooks.

Arlen Feldman:  Surprise items.

Carrie Ann Baade:  A print on metal by the Artist GOH.

Eric Flint:  Autographed books.

Jason Heller:  New paperback copy of Swords v. Cthulhu anthology from Stone Skin Press (2016).

Jane Lindskold:  Self-published book on writing, Wanderings on Writing and its companion piece, short story collection, Curiosities.

Paolo Bacigalupi:  Collectible editions of Ship Breaker, The Drowned Cities, Zombie Baseball Beatdown, and The Windup Girl, published by Subterranean Press.

Edward Alan Kramer:  Official Lucasfilm logo patch, from Industrial Light & Magic.

Rebecca E. Lee:  Hand-embroidered linen book cover; Glasgow School (Mackintosh style) Arts & Crafts design taken from a 1912 catalog.

Betsy Dornbusch:  Set of Seven Eyes (trilogy) and two fantasy anthologies.

Christie Hartman:  Books by Christie Hartman.

Carolyn Kay:  Books.

Carrie Vaughn:  Books by Carrie Vaughn.

Catherine Spader:  One copy of the award-winning two-book dark fantasy series, The Wulfhedinn.

Catherine Winters:  Book bundle (four books) of the Imperial Vampires Series, and a free one-hour editing meeting with Winters Mayfield Harris Editing Services.

Chuck Anderson:  Books.

Chaz Kemp:  Books.

Colin Heintze:  Funeral Games by Colin Heintze.

Corie Weaver:  2017 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, an anthology of science fiction for middle grade readers.

Craig W. Chrissinger:  Books signed by C.J. Cherryh & Victor Milan, movie promo swag bag.

Curtis Craddock:  Copy of Sparrow's Flight (trade paperback fantasy novel); one copy of An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors (hardback fantasy novel).

Daniel A. Willis:  Prophecy of the Awakening by Daniel Willis.

David Boop:  Straight Outta Tombstone anthology. Signed by all the authors.

Deena Larsen:  A signed copy of Stained Word Translations by Deena Larsen and Dom.

Ed Post:  Prints of the Evolved Images that will also be in the Art Show.

Emily Mah Tippett:  Polymer clay journal.

F.P. Dorchak III:  Do The Dead Dream by F.P. Dorchak III.

Fred Poutre:  Set of math posters. Set of games from Cloven Fruit Games.

J.D. Harpley:  One copy each of Sway's Demise, The Mill, and Revolt.

James A. Hunter:  Signed copy of Viridian Gate Online: Cataclysm to the Auction.

James R. Strickland:  Books

James Van Pelt:  An ARC for The Experience Arcade And Other Stories.

Jenna Lincoln:  Signed copies of books by Jenna Lincoln. A first chapter/query critique.

Jonathan Brazee:  Books

Joshua Viola:  Books, comics, kids books.

Jacob Spriggs:  A book, Renegades: Origins.

Karen Stollznow:  A copy of Hits & Mrs. and a copy of Would You Believe It?

Kevin Ikenberry:  Two books: Sleeper Protocol and Peacemaker.

Layman Kingsford:  Official ElfQuest® Card Game.

L.F. Patten:  Books and a dragon.

Mario Acevedo:  Book, art, and collectibles.

Mar'Questor:  Autographed books.Grumbles from the Grave by Robert Heinlein, edited by Virginia Heinlein; The Renegades of Pern by Anne McCaffrey; The Rowan by Anne McCaffrey; Fire Watch by Connie Willis (the WSFA Press edition of the novelette, signed by Connie and James Patrick Kelly, who wrote the introduction. Numbered 335 of 500)

Nathan Lowell:  Two copies of Ravenwood. Two copies of Quarter Share.

Nathan M. Beauchamp:  Copies of each of Nathan Beauchamp’s novels.

Nikki Ebright:  Memberships to Westercon 71/Myths and Legends Con 6 (July 2018).

Paul Lell:  Kalijor RPG and the Kalijor: Kids RPG.

Richard Gary Raham:  Books: Confessions of a Time Traveler, A Singular Prophecy and The Dinosaurs' Last Seashore.

Rebecca Lickiss:  Books and a photograph.

Robert G. Williscroft:  Hardbound copies of Slingshot and The Starchild Compact and a printed copy of children's science fiction/science teaching book Starman JonesThe Relativity Birthday Present.

R.P. Chansky:  Hundred Ghost Soup.

Rose Beetem:  Signed copy of Bruce Campbell’s book, Hail to the Chin, plus an autographed Bruce Buck.

Stant Litore:  Paperback edition of Rasha's Letter.

Sue Loeffler:  The Weir Chronicles Magic Hat.  It includes a top hat filled with the first three books from the Weir Chronicles series, assorted magic tricks, magic wand, and a bottle of disappearing ink!

Thea Hutcheson:  A signed book by Thea Hutcheson.

Thomas A. Fowler:  The Writer's Conquest: Establish a Brand, two volumes of Porcelain Prompts.

Travis Heermann:  Surprise items.

Vivian Caethe:  Limited edition novella from the Humans Wanted kickstarter.

Thank you and please keep them coming. If you have items to donate to the auction, please contact CeCe at  

If you have brought items with you for the auction please drop them off in the ART Show before 2 pm on Saturday. You must COMPLETE A DONATION CARD FOR EACH ITEM. This is used by the auctioneer to describe the item to the audience and let potential buyers make decisions about bidding, as well as insuring that you get the tax benefit.

The Literacy Auction will take place in Main Events (Grand Mesa ABC) on Saturday night during masquerade judging. Items donated for the auction will be displayed in the Art Show until the auction takes place. Items may be picked up immediately after the conclusion of the auction at the Art Show. Items must be paid for before the buyer takes possession. (Cash, Checks and credit cards accepted.) Any items not claimed and paid for on Saturday night will be presumed abandoned and may be re-auctioned at the Art Auction on Sunday.

And, as always, there will be more cool stuff that comes in after press time… be sure to check out the display of Literacy Auction items in the Art Show on Friday and Saturday.

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